What the Health? 

The most recent health documentary has turned the world upside down. Causing many to quit meat eating intake cold turkey. The perspective of a plant based diet has been communicated in this documentary along with the disastrous harm we are doing to our bodies due to the improper dieting. A film is worth watching, but at the viewer’s discretion.

Our society has moved toward optimum health. Daily exercise and proper dieting have been encouraged significantly within the last several years. More health documentaries are being produced yearly to inform us of the most recent news about the food activity.

Fitness Entrepreneurs: 

Fitness Entrepreneurs are taking their businesses to the next level. Helping to formulate plans that build the fitness goals of their clientele. Looking over Instagram, fitness is a huge goal for a lot of people as we speak. There is always a workout video from your friend or a social media post about their latest progression. These entrepreneurs are grinding to make sure their clients succeed. In addition to your work as a fitness entrepreneur, offer your clients some more incentive to stay healthy. This type of incentive is one they will not be able to refuse. Keep Reading!

The Solution: 

Several years ago, the industry giant, John Handcock delivered a massive deal with a top health empire named Vitality. The deal was a wonderful marriage because the insurance industry is set on building premiums based on your health status and Vitality is built to keep you healthy as a whole. What a perfect fit! The deal allows the insured client to receive discounts on their life insurance premiums just by living a healthy lifestyle. You are able to track your status on an apple watch device that will upload to the carrier. There is so much more to this. Read the benefits here.

This is a game-changer for entrepreneurs in the fitness industry. This deal was done with you in mind. As a firm, we are proud to say we are brokered with John Handcock to produce this for our clients. We also feel responsible to educate on how to financially monetize your great health status. The healthier we are as a society, the better we are toward one another! Let’s connect to keep your clients motivated and healthy!

….and we all can agree that within four years he has done the extraordinary. He is a crazy one. A great one. One that achieved beyond. He didn’t think small. Gearing up for his mega billion dollar fight with the undefeated Floyd Money Mayweather, Conor has a shot to bring more depth into his legacy with a win against the best in boxing. Conor has the entire fighting Irish behind him, an unbelievable skill set, and the desire to see Floyd’s head hit the canvas. McGregor has made it clear:

I didn’t come here to be average.

Diverse Legacies could not agree with Conor McGregor even more. As a matter of fact, this is in our business model and in our behavior toward our clients. That’s right! You heard it here first! Being an average agency was never in our DNA.


DL is getting stronger and stronger. We are taking our time to dominate a Market that is wide open for us. We know that market is the income protection market. People have overlooked this financial tool for many many years. We are going to be the best at protecting your income. Your cash flow will be protected up to the maximum percentage that the IRS will allow. This is what separates us from the average.

Entrepreneurs will build in their portfolio a tremendous financial asset that is world class. We will educate entrepreneurs, world class athletes, high-level executives to mitigate their “IP” by building sustainable positive cash flow during any disruption for a sustained period of time. Cash is King and you should always have it. Cash is the only common denominator to fueling all of your projects to full completion.


The marijuana industry is growing in record numbers while becoming legalized in many states at the same time. Entrepreneurs are hitting the jack pot in sales instantly within one year of opening. This is big business. As a matter of fact, this industry is a cash business. Entrepreneurs of the marijuana industry are still fighting regulated banks for a fair chance of business accounts and possible retirement accounts for their families. The word “Cannabis” is heart piercing to insurers on the health side and especially life side of insurance carriers to provide insurance needs for their marijuana businesses. This makes it a fight to even be taken on as suitable clients.

Yes, we do live in a world where the American dream is attainable, but it will take some time to bend and reverse engineer laws from the top levels of government to the municipal levels of government. Now, the hard part about underwriting marijuana users is that marijuana is still considered a drug. Underwriters lack data on the effects it has to the user. So it is also categorized as “High Risk” which increases the premiums for the client.

Underwriters play a vital role for the potential client. Still insuring the client but on smoker rates. This is a significant jump from preferred rates ($500 annually) to smokers rates ($1500 annually). Possibly making it hard for the client to leave generational wealth and to protect their income up to the IRS approved amount…

Moving forward, entrepreneurs should work with a broker with access to many companies with good underwriting relationships. Often time, brokers can position your situation in a way that will help you get the best rates!



The world went crazy after Dame Dashes remarks went viral from his Breakfast Club interview about entrepreneurship. Many ran with his remarks in the wrong directions due to his delivery and others applauded his remarks. A very great point he makes, is that his last name matters more than anything to him. As it should to all of us who have the responsibility of a family legacy.

Family First is the driving force of many people. Nothing is more important than this motto in the pursuit of achieving all of their dreams and careers. It is important for many to be present with their families for dinner, soccer games, college move-in’s, family vacations, and through the cycles of life. Family is super important to many.

It is only in the family dynamic that one can learn about the goals that are set for a particular family and the financial needs to accommodate those goals. Discovering what is the driving force of success for this family is also vital. Dialing into the family history for deeper context can be rewarding. It is necessary to find out who were the dreamers, the money makers, the hard-workers, and even lazy family members.

There is one thing about family we should all pay attention to. Family is a generational thing. That means, family is our legacy. Family history is passed down from generation to generation. Our whole family DNA means everything to us. Even your family name.

Teaching our children to build businesses should be a family pillar. Our firm agrees with Dame Dash in that regard. In addition to the passing down of actual financial wealth where a family can thrive for generations to generations. How have you planned the wealth transfer for the fourth and fifth generation of your family legacy. Does it matter to you? Are you concerned with the possibilities of your children starting over from scratch to lead their families? Will there be a base foundation of a wealth transfer? 

In many cases, most families will inherit major bills rather financial benefits. This is a sad situation for most families. If you have been blessed with the resources to implement instant wealth into your family for the fourth and fifth generation, you should act now!!

We are moving to a mobile world only. If you pay close attention, you will see that everywhere you turn, people are on their cellphones. Who needs front pockets anymore? People rarely put their cellphone up. It is so important, let’s just carry it in our hands! All America’s Marketing is structured for the mobile device now. Maybe even our life is more mobile than we know it is. Today, cellphones are high power mini computers that will take the place of computers shortly. If not already!

What’s the risk?

The very fact that we are consumed by our cellphones by the numbers exposes the fact that the public is significantly not paying attention to the possibilities of being the consequence of a person’s mistake or being the responsible party to causing a disruption to a person’s life. This is evident with the number of traffic accidents due to cellphone use just as one example.

In today’s market, Americans are prone to showcase accidents or life changing events on social media. This seems to be the new form of help.

Cellphones are very needed in our society for productivity and fun. They should never be the source of disrupting the lifestyle of American financially.

Our firm is here to help you get prepared financially for someone who may not be paying attention and your worlds collide.


This is a major question our firm wrestled with yesterday in a round table discussion. We wish you could have been a fly on the wall listening in on this epic debate between veterans and young agents. Unfortunately, there was no footage or written notes to reveal. APOLOGIES…..

The Answer To This Question:

All the discussion boiled down to this:  People that are financially savvy and fully understand that money is the number one common denominator to fuel their entire meaningful legacy. 

They know the importance of having cash and the utter significance of not having it do to the unknown’s of life. This is how you stand out and lead your legacies well.

Reviewing LTD plans is our specialty. Our firm is heavily structured to catch every pro and con of the existing plans our potential clients bring to us. Recently, our firm analyzed a key executive’s income protection plan offered by a power house company. In our observations we noticed a very good plan with several loopholes inside the plan that the executive needed to be aware of. Let’s just say, this executive was not fully aware and can now properly prepare their financial plan even better now to sustain their legacy.

Here is the actual case:


  1. 60% LTD coverage (typical of many plans).
  2. 90 day elimination period (time before any benefit is paid).
  3. $15,000 max cap.


  1. 60% coverage is 100% taxable.
  2. 24 month coverage on “Mental Illnesses” (1 year only payout after elimination period).
  3. Once declared “Totally Disabled” –The employee will be kicked off health insurance and will have to pay out of pocket expenses.
  4. Policy is not portable.
  5. Supplemental Insurance with external company is not LTD coverage. The external company only offers 3-6 months coverage on STD coverage. That will not make up the difference in loss for the executive. 
  7. Base Salary plan.

Please note: Th plan is very solid, but needs to plug up the loopholes. For our readers, we have given a brief summary below of the numbers for the executive…

Executive Salary:

$80K (base salary) | $40K (yearly bonuses) = $120K ($10K monthly)

The employer’s current plan covers the following:

LTD Coverage: $80K x 60% = $48K.  Remember – No Bonus Coverage which represents the $40K.

$48K after tax leaves the executive = $4K X .25% ($1K) = $3K (monthly) ……………..

Leaving the executive to pay for health insurance which is on average about $1,700 – $2,000 = $1K take home.

How would this executive’s lifestyle change? Significantly…..This change would put their family in a devastating position for a sustained period of time. It’s better to prepare than to repair……

Let us bring the solution to you!! 



Employer amenities are super nice to offer top level employees. C-suite players enjoy this type of comfortable environments to produce the revenue for their employer. The ROI will be substantially greater on the executive level apart from the employees on the entry level. Yes, every employee matters, but all employees have a different set of skills that either stagnate the company or thrust the company into affinity and beyond. After all, who would not enjoy 24/7 coffee access, massages, gym workouts on lunch breaks, baby centers for children, and open space offices full of tables, couches, bean bags, etc. It’s a wonderful gesture that provides a safe and stimulating work environment.

Building A New Culture

Times are changing faster than expected in the world of benefits for the employers. Leaders of these companies are now faced with heavy increasing health insurance premiums annually. The bigger you are, the bigger the premiums if the leader of the organization is clearing the bill themselves. In order to pay these premiums, employers are tasked with the challenge of recruiting top level employees. In order to pay down the cost of health insurance, many employers are splitting the health insurance premiums with employees. So, to make up for the additional out of pocket expenses for the employee, companies are creating these types of culture comfortable environments all around the world. Honestly, we should appreciate it.


Employers now have to build a new standard in the culture. Amenities are not rewards and will not anchor your revenue driving Key people in the company. There is only one way to lock in such a person and that is by preserving their salaries with the best income protection plan there is. What if you made this the new culture in your company. Imagine what would happen if your key people knew how much the company protected their money. It is the one thing every employee is working for. The mighty dollar. Building a culture of financial practicality and income protection awareness would explode your organization to the next level.  Rewarding executive leaders in the company with the tax code benefit (IRC Section 162) would stabilize your talent and crush the recruiting competition.

Leaders of these companies have to think through building a new culture of success by offering the best Long Term Disability as the first benefit to the most valuable assets.



Entrepreneurs everywhere are looking for small business loans to help position their businesses for proper execution. After all, it is the one common denominator that every entrepreneur needs to help their business thrive: CASH.

SBA loans can be approved for entrepreneurs, but not without proper collateral in place on the entrepreneur. If the loan process is approved for the business before having the collateral, the entrepreneur will have to restart the process from point A. What’s needed to help the process remain seamless is a KEY PERSON insurance policy that will be turned over the bank for the amount the business needs to be approved for as collateral. Banks require entrepreneurs to have collateral in place for approval.

This removes the entrepreneur’s personal and business assets from being put on the line as collateral. Your benefit is that all the risk has been transferred over to the financial institution to pay the lender in the event an untimely event happened. The business could still pay off it’s debt and progress forward in their legacy.

Our firm is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs get approval for their loans by implementing the KEY PERSON insurance policy process fully underwritten and approved within 7 days through the quick close program.

….realize that everything you do is all about legacy. Your thinking. Your behavior. The way you produce your God given art. It is all about Legacy. You are different. Your are skillful. Your are Incredible. You are an Asset. You are the connector of dreams in your immediate families. You are an example to many friends and other loved ones. You are the one taking maximum risk for maximum reward. You are helping others achieve their nirvana’s. This is all about your legacy.

Start thinking from the legacy perspective first. This means to inspect everything you currently are to yourself and to everyone else. Look at the value you bring to the table. Evaluate the one risk that would destroy your legacy. Destroy your lifestyle and leave your influence dry……

Then build a safeguard against that risk. For all of us, that risk is: CASH-FLOW or a loss of wealth. To keep your legacy sustained, it is time you preserve your wealth. Your cash.

After this process has been completed, go take over the world with your big ideas and big execution!