Brentley Wright is the Founder and CEO of Diverse Legacies an independent financial services firm and your go-to source for income protection and legacy creation content.” Serving the multi-generations by helping to hedge cash flow creation plans that remove risk and maximize their wealth potential. Brentley’s aim is to keep his client’s cash flow positive and sustainable.

What separates Brentley from other financial professionals is that he fully understands the only common denominator of all financial success for you, your family, your professional position,  your church, and your business. That common denominator being Cash Flow. The strategy is very simple: “Protect your cash flow portfolio by transferring all the risk to financial institutions.”

Brentley is saturated with a team of industry specialists and mentors who have proven to be especially powerful in helping his clients construct and execute their financial strategies. Lastly, Brentley is a husband, father, and friend. His outside interests include basketball, working out, reading, and empowering his millennial generation. Thank you for being a guest to the website.

Diverse Legacies is affiliate of Carolina National Insurance Group located in Raleigh, NC. 

All services and products offered only in North Carolina & Houston Texas.