“Diverse Legacies is your go-to source for cash flow replenishment and risk management.“

Why Diverse Legacies?

Our firm is anchored with great leadership. Brentley Wright serves as the President and CEO of Diverse Legacies located in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. In addition, Brentley serves as the Advisory Council Member for the North Carolina Financial Literacy Council, Financial Director for the Accelerating Men Mentoring, Inc, Citrix Saas Referral Partner and Insurance Consultant to executive church leadership teams. Diverse Legacies has a serious obsession for serving visionary entrepreneurs in any industry. Our firm is strengthened with more than 300 years of business succession planning experience. Providing our market with top-notch strategies for financial efficiency and sustainability. Our partners are incredible assets to us as a firm and to you as our client. The secret sauce is our ability to specialize in “Cash Flow Replenishment” for our clients. Diverse Legacies offers services in NC, TX, and MD. 


To preserve the life’s work of visionary entrepreneurs building generational legacies.


To be the go-to source for the cash flow replenishment and risk management needs of entrepreneurs in all 50 states.


“You will never liquidate any personal or business assets due to a disruption of cash flow.”   

Cash Flow Protection

Our cash flow -focused model is customized to protect your greatest asset from your biggest threat of business continaution.

Risk Management

Business sustainability is paramount. That's why we are here. It plays a critical role in your business succession plan.

Financial Exit Strategy

Are you prepared to exit financially solvent? Is it a concern for you? We are able to help develop the financial exit strategy.

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