Welcome To September. It’s All about You!!

September is here and it seems like fireworks have already begun for the Diverse Legacies Firm. This month marks the concentrated time for a solid awareness of life insurance for the single parent and two parent households.  The world will see mass advertising on the subject and many agents are doing their best to help as many families as possible in this month. Diverse Legacies is ready to do our part to help our families win. Here is what to look for from Diverse Legacies:

September Education Sessions: “Conversations That Matter”

We are releasing pre-recorded videos that educate on life insurance every Friday. Make sure you dial in and watch. The first four Fridays will be videos. The fifth session will be a live seminar located at our office in the conference room. A flyer will come soon! We would love for you to join us, eat and learn about this incredible product. All sessions will be taught by the Founder and Creator of Diverse Legacies. They will be electric with some very special guest. You are going to learn a great deal about the industry!

We are giving away FREE Life Insurance: 

We have partnered with Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company to offer free $50,000 of life insurance. This $50,000 dollar policy will support the education needs of children who desire to go to college. We know preparing for college is a tough thing to plan for. Let us help you get started. In our video sessions, you find out more details about this wonderful program!

Social Platform: 

We will promote life insurance awareness month on our social platforms. Please indulge us and share with your friends, families, church family, and your business clients. One of our goals is to help you engage in the conversation.

How can YOU help Diverse Legacies: 

You can help by being our advocates. Have a conversation that matters with your friends and families about life insurance. It can be a tough conversation, but it needs serious attention in your family. Secondly, if there are friends you know who just purchased a home, found new employment, started a business, we would love to talk with them. With your help, Diverse Legacies would love to help you! We are here to serve you in any capacity!

As you are being great – Make sure you are having the conversations that matter!! Welcome to September!

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