What The Health? Fitness Entrepreneurs & The Solution

What the Health? 

The most recent health documentary has turned the world upside down. Causing many to quit meat eating intake cold turkey. The perspective of a plant based diet has been communicated in this documentary along with the disastrous harm we are doing to our bodies due to the improper dieting. A film is worth watching, but at the viewer’s discretion.

Our society has moved toward optimum health. Daily exercise and proper dieting have been encouraged significantly within the last several years. More health documentaries are being produced yearly to inform us of the most recent news about the food activity.

Fitness Entrepreneurs: 

Fitness Entrepreneurs are taking their businesses to the next level. Helping to formulate plans that build the fitness goals of their clientele. Looking over Instagram, fitness is a huge goal for a lot of people as we speak. There is always a workout video from your friend or a social media post about their latest progression. These entrepreneurs are grinding to make sure their clients succeed. In addition to your work as a fitness entrepreneur, offer your clients some more incentive to stay healthy. This type of incentive is one they will not be able to refuse. Keep Reading!

The Solution: 

Several years ago, the industry giant, John Handcock delivered a massive deal with a top health empire named Vitality. The deal was a wonderful marriage because the insurance industry is set on building premiums based on your health status and Vitality is built to keep you healthy as a whole. What a perfect fit! The deal allows the insured client to receive discounts on their life insurance premiums just by living a healthy lifestyle. You are able to track your status on an apple watch device that will upload to the carrier. There is so much more to this. Read the benefits here.

This is a game-changer for entrepreneurs in the fitness industry. This deal was done with you in mind. As a firm, we are proud to say we are brokered with John Handcock to produce this for our clients. We also feel responsible to educate on how to financially monetize your great health status. The healthier we are as a society, the better we are toward one another! Let’s connect to keep your clients motivated and healthy!

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