Is Your Cellphone A Risk?

We are moving to a mobile world only. If you pay close attention, you will see that everywhere you turn, people are on their cellphones. Who needs front pockets anymore? People rarely put their cellphone up. It is so important, let’s just carry it in our hands! All America’s Marketing is structured for the mobile device now. Maybe even our life is more mobile than we know it is. Today, cellphones are high power mini computers that will take the place of computers shortly. If not already!

What’s the risk?

The very fact that we are consumed by our cellphones by the numbers exposes the fact that the public is significantly not paying attention to the possibilities of being the consequence of a person’s mistake or being the responsible party to causing a disruption to a person’s life. This is evident with the number of traffic accidents due to cellphone use just as one example.

In today’s market, Americans are prone to showcase accidents or life changing events on social media. This seems to be the new form of help.

Cellphones are very needed in our society for productivity and fun. They should never be the source of disrupting the lifestyle of American financially.

Our firm is here to help you get prepared financially for someone who may not be paying attention and your worlds collide.


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