Anchor Key Employees By Building A New Money Culture Beyond Workplace Amenities….

Employer amenities are super nice to offer top level employees. C-suite players enjoy this type of comfortable environments to produce the revenue for their employer. The ROI will be substantially greater on the executive level apart from the employees on the entry level. Yes, every employee matters, but all employees have a different set of skills that either stagnate the company or thrust the company into affinity and beyond. After all, who would not enjoy 24/7 coffee access, massages, gym workouts on lunch breaks, baby centers for children, and open space offices full of tables, couches, bean bags, etc. It’s a wonderful gesture that provides a safe and stimulating work environment.

Building A New Culture

Times are changing faster than expected in the world of benefits for the employers. Leaders of these companies are now faced with heavy increasing health insurance premiums annually. The bigger you are, the bigger the premiums if the leader of the organization is clearing the bill themselves. In order to pay these premiums, employers are tasked with the challenge of recruiting top level employees. In order to pay down the cost of health insurance, many employers are splitting the health insurance premiums with employees. So, to make up for the additional out of pocket expenses for the employee, companies are creating these types of culture comfortable environments all around the world. Honestly, we should appreciate it.


Employers now have to build a new standard in the culture. Amenities are not rewards and will not anchor your revenue driving Key people in the company. There is only one way to lock in such a person and that is by preserving their salaries with the best income protection plan there is. What if you made this the new culture in your company. Imagine what would happen if your key people knew how much the company protected their money. It is the one thing every employee is working for. The mighty dollar. Building a culture of financial practicality and income protection awareness would explode your organization to the next level.  Rewarding executive leaders in the company with the tax code benefit (IRC Section 162) would stabilize your talent and crush the recruiting competition.

Leaders of these companies have to think through building a new culture of success by offering the best Long Term Disability as the first benefit to the most valuable assets.



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