Entrepreneurs: How To Close Your SBA Loan Faster

Entrepreneurs everywhere are looking for small business loans to help position their businesses for proper execution. After all, it is the one common denominator that every entrepreneur needs to help their business thrive: CASH.

SBA loans can be approved for entrepreneurs, but not without proper collateral in place on the entrepreneur. If the loan process is approved for the business before having the collateral, the entrepreneur will have to restart the process from point A. What’s needed to help the process remain seamless is a KEY PERSON insurance policy that will be turned over the bank for the amount the business needs to be approved for as collateral. Banks require entrepreneurs to have collateral in place for approval.

This removes the entrepreneur’s personal and business assets from being put on the line as collateral. Your benefit is that all the risk has been transferred over to the financial institution to pay the lender in the event an untimely event happened. The business could still pay off it’s debt and progress forward in their legacy.

Our firm is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs get approval for their loans by implementing the KEY PERSON insurance policy process fully underwritten and approved within 7 days through the quick close program.

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