From This Moment On..

….realize that everything you do is all about legacy. Your thinking. Your behavior. The way you produce your God given art. It is all about Legacy. You are different. Your are skillful. Your are Incredible. You are an Asset. You are the connector of dreams in your immediate families. You are an example to many friends and other loved ones. You are the one taking maximum risk for maximum reward. You are helping others achieve their nirvana’s. This is all about your legacy.

Start thinking from the legacy perspective first. This means to inspect everything you currently are to yourself and to everyone else. Look at the value you bring to the table. Evaluate the one risk that would destroy your legacy. Destroy your lifestyle and leave your influence dry……

Then build a safeguard against that risk. For all of us, that risk is: CASH-FLOW or a loss of wealth. To keep your legacy sustained, it is time you preserve your wealth. Your cash.

After this process has been completed, go take over the world with your big ideas and big execution!


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