Do You See Yourself As An Asset?

Well, do you? Do you see the value you have created for your family? Your family is able to enjoy a luxury life based upon your ability to earn an incredible living. Your mind is sharp. Your soft skills are priceless. You are dependable and reliable to your family.

Your children adore the gifts that you bring home. They love being in extracurricular activities. Your wife loves the flowers you send her periodically and the special date nights. You enjoy the golf course, hand rolled cigars, and a nice bourbon to match. Maybe you prefer basketball with the fellas or girl time with the ladies. The family enjoys the trips to Disney and other bucket list locations.

Dinner is a family event to check into the lives of the children and enjoy each other in conversation over an incredible meal. Even the family dog is feeling loved and nourished from you ability.

How would you feel if you were no longer able to continue this beautiful lifestyle because of a tragic event that stripped your earning ability?

Do you see yourself as an asset now? Your whole family experience is based upon your ability to earn money that is result of the value you execute daily. Protecting your ability is worth every smile, hug and kiss from your family. The experience must continue through disruption of cash for any sustained period of time. Do not cripple you life’s experience. Only continue it or enhance it!

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