The 4th of July Holiday, Cookouts & Financial Portfolio Reviews!

It’s that time. Business is shutting down, family is traveling and getting ready to throw down on the plates! It’s party time! Friends are going to be friends! Laughter will fill the rooms and music will move bodies into a sync movements.  After the party time is over, there will be a few days to relax. There will be some added time to you to think through your life. Hopefully, you will think through your financial plan. That is always a plus. What does your portfolio consist of? At our firm, we rarely see a diversified insurance portfolio at the core. Mainly due to the lack of understanding.

A Diversified Insurance Portfolio –

….is exactly what you need as the foundation of your financial position. It is the rock of your financial decisions. It is easy to determine if you are smart or wise through the observation of your financial plan. Does is have strong guarantees at the foundation or is it laced with variable investments and poor planning? We all have to figure out how to stabilize our portfolio’s as much as we can.

Now, when we talk about a diversified insurance portfolio, it is wrong to just think about life insurance only. Actually that is far from stabilizing the portfolio because it is designed to carry on the portfolio or estate. There are other products to structure into your financial plan to help mitigate risk. Life Insurance does have it’s place by being one heck of a financial tool to avoid future taxes and contribute an unlimited amount of your dollars to for solid growth.

But before we get into that,

The number one question we ask our clients is very simple: “What is your plan to sustain positive cash flow?” Many clients love to talk about investing in other products. They want to go up the mountain but forget eventually they will have to come back down. This is where our firm does it job of helping you come down with a harness and a peace of mind. Placing a diversified insurance portfolio in your financial plan is a very wise decision.

Here is where you can start:

  1. Husband-Wife/ Individual: Look at the salaries. Are they protected, secured, and ready replacement.
  2. Children: College Preparation- legacy proceeds.
  3. Retirement-Investments: Is there a solid retirement plan? Have you placed a guaranteed stream of income in your seasoned future.
  4. Family Trust: Does you family have a trust. Is there any generational wealth inside of the family for the fourth and fifth generation? Do you care enough?

Take some time to think through your life plan and the overall health of your financial infrastructure. Our firm would love to partner with you!

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