Is Protecting My Money Selfish?

You darn right it is. You need not to feel ashamed about it. If you are going to be selfish for once in your life, this is the moment. Think about your life plan and the overall picture for your family.

As of recent, our firm has protected the likes of real estate investors ($10,000 monthly benefits), Software Program Managers ($6,000 monthly benefits), etc. Protecting your money is not a game. It is a security.

We have put $800,000 dollars of equity into financial plans to safeguard against the unknown health risk to provide for the expenses, access to top notch hospitals, and mitigated the risk of seeing their lifestyle perish.

Our firm has structured in more than $20,000,000 dollars of income replacement and generational wealth for families to continue to their lifestyle for many years.

Our firm has customized hybrid plans that provide an advancement of the face amount on an insurance plan to help with long term care needs in the future.

Our firm has provided Non-Qualified Life Insurance Retirement Plans to executive assistants, professionals, business owners allowing them to avoid taxation. They will have a tax-free retirement.

Our core products are Long Term Disability (Income protection), Critical Illness (Illness Protection), and Life Insurance (Term & Permanent).

Our firm has some of the strongest underwriting negotiations for clients rate class. We provide cover letters that blow underwriters out of the water on your behalf.

In our financial services firm, there is nothing we are not able to offer you! We have a wonderful team experts, masters, and access to any carrier in the world.

Ultimately, we pride ourselves on the being able to provide the best income protection there is to you. We choose not to grow your money, but to selfishly protect your money on any level. And we are just getting started.

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