JAY-Z: I’m Not A Businessman, I’m A Business Maaannn. Now Let Me Handle My Business…#$$$$

One of the most influential lines ever communicated in a hip hop song. After Jay-Z dropped this brilliant lyrical line, it became the line for those in the business world that could really relate. He communicated a truth that all rising business owners need to grasp sooner than later. What Jay-Z revealed to us the jewel of not just being an average businessman, but a golden nugget of being the business. Therefore, operating as such. There are a lot of aspiring business minded people who will take their efforts into the entrepreneurial world. They will be creative, savvy about ideas and markets. They will understand their product well, Right? Hopefully so!

So, what is missing? Why are so many savvy entrepreneurs failing? Why is the business infrastructure so weak? Why is the personal life of the entrepreneur so unprotected and destruction prone? Is becoming and operating like a true business impossible? Do you have to be that lucky?

At our firm, it is easy to dissect that entrepreneurs have a very hard time understanding the nature of building a business and utilizing proper risk mitigation systems to overcome perils that will expose the business.

Building a business is an important component. You have to work in the business to build it. There is a culture you want to set. A standard to set. People to bring on board that will help propel the business and it’s mission. There is also a time when the entrepreneur needs to remove themselves from the business to work on the business. It’s taking time to work through advanced business succession planning. Our firm obsessively partners with entrepreneurs to work on their:

  1. Business Profile
  2. Employee Recruitment
  3. Business Owners, Key Employees, Outside Partnerships, Business Partnerships
  4. Business Continuation – Legacy
  5. Estate Planning
  6. Financial Security of the business
  7. Business Owners Personal Exit Strategy

Entrepreneurs need professionals too. There are times you may want to buy more inventory or make sure you have the situation just right before moving to working on the business. The message here is clear: Work on your business to be a business. Entrepreneurs are exposed to more risk then they can even think about or are unaware of due to their drive for creativity and innovation. Partner with our firm, Diverse Legacies to work your legacy into generational sustainability. Go be Great!

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