Key Employees In Business

…are noticed when an infrastructure is solid enough to allow the business owner to view the 20% of employees driving revenue to their operations. There are some aspects of being a business owner that requires a certain level of trust, space, loyalty, and opportunity to be given to those who are helping your brand succeed in business.

Often times, the executive administrator, the chief janitorial person, the CFO, COO, and the qualified supervisor will be overlooked for their contributions. A salary with benefits in most cases does not suffice their long-term contribution. A business owner must be open enough to ask himself the question: “How will I retain and reward my most valuable employees?” 

Companies are looking for the brightest and the most qualified employees. Which means there is a recruitment process on the clock 24/7, 365. They would love to steal your best employees. How do you safeguard against a process like this? What would make your most valuable employees commit to you and only you as a business owner? Do you know the level of their loyalty to you? What are you really offering?

Business owners love to build walls in their entrepreneurial behaviors. There are so many firewalls to break down to get to them. Their behavior can be compared to golf. They have a bunker mentality at times. It can be hard to swing them out of it. Now, this behavior allows them to do business efficiently, spend quality time with their families, and contribute to charitable work. All of these great allowances come through the filter of high-level employees that make this work.

What would happen if the culture you created for success was broken by employees that felt their value was not appreciated or valued? What would happen if you had to step into a role of administrator and CFO? The business operations would cease to be fluid.

So, atDiverse Legacies, our firm will help the open and like-minded business owner strategize a plan to retain and reward their most valuable employees. We love working with business owners that want to stay in business a long time and give their employees more than what they could ever ask for!!

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