What’s Your Legacy?

I find that the discussion of leaving a legacy among my friends and family is rarely communicated. 

I thought about the concept of legacy when my sons were born. My sons are both 9 and 2 years old. I am constantly thinking about not only my legacy but their’s as well.  Since their birth, I have operated from a perspective of legacy. This allows me to think long-term about my actions and endeavors in life. You know…….it opens the path to great decisions.

The idea of leaving a legacy is the need or the desire to be remembered for what you have contributed to the world. However, for most mere mortals walking this earth, most will leave a more modest legacy that doesn’t necessarily change the world but does leave a lasting footprint that will be remembered by those whose lives you touched.

Contribution Is King.

How we contribute to society and others is very important. It takes a good execution in life to be remembered by your work and how you touched others. How is your legacy coming together? What makes it’s different? Whatever you are doing in life, business, and charity, know that it is a LEGACY.

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