Financial Freedom For The Family

How far does your financial plan reach? Are you more concerned with wealth assumption more than wealth preservation that extends into the fourth and fifth generations of your family?

Are your children going to be able to flourish from the advanced generational planning you put in place? Will they have to start over from scratch because assumption and consumption robbed them of a quality start?

One of the most interesting things I’ve read a few months ago was that David Rockefeller the last grandchild of J.D Rockefeller happily lived off the 1934 Trust put in place by His grandfather in addition to his own success.

Is wealth structured deeply into your family heritage? Is it a concern? How will your wealth assumption measure up to the laws and regulations of money in the near future? Are you prepared?

When wealth is structured deep into your family roots, there is a financial freedom to make serious contributions to the current and future society.

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