Dipping Your Hand In the Cookie Jar

….is what many Americans will do when their portfolio has not been protect. Experiencing a disruption in your cash flow for a sustained period of time will lead many to dip their hands in the 401k’s, Savings Account’s, Children’s education trust, and IRA’s to pay for the expenses that are vital to their lifestyle. Next thing you know: when retirement years come, the question on the table will be: “Who stole my cookies”?……………..Answer = YOU!

Let’s all be honest, one thing that is constant in life are our living expenses. They come right on time!

So, why dip in the 401k? IRA? Savings? These are not designed to help you sustain the portfolio….As a matter of fact, two of these vehicles will cause you even more problems if you take early distributions.

Answer: You are using these accounts because you have not created a sustainable cash flow plan that will keep you financially successful if you were to experience a disruption. A serious disruption that resulted in years of a cash flow drought. This should bring a major concern to you and your household.


Partner with Diverse Legacies and we help you create a plan to keep the living expenses sustained. “It’s better to have cash flow protection you don’t need than to need cash flow protection you don’t have”….

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