Anticipating Financial Obstacles

….will help you plan accordingly. Learning the art of anticipation is vital. If you can anticipate the financial obstacles like injury, sickness, illnesses, cash flow shortages, major medical expenses, accidents, and outliving your income: you win the chess game with life.

Losers React. Leaders Anticipate

Anticipation is the ultimate power. It helps you to win in your financial planning. Big investors have played this chess games for years. They know what is coming down the road. As we get older our health starts to deteriorate. Medical bills drain the business account, investments, and the bank account. Market investments are not enough to sustain your life, etc. The unexpected is real and often knocks on our doors.
If you can anticipate the financial risk you are exposed to currently and in the future, you are able to transfer all the risk to financial institutions to receive huge payouts for when those perils come.

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