The Life Insurance Industry Is Still Winning

…and so you should join the party. This life industry has helped so many families and businesses further their legacies since the 1900’s. Now, I will not bore you with the history of life insurance, but these life insurance institutions are here to stay. The life industry is the engine of all financial wealth. There is no arguing this fact.

The other major industry that has attributed to the success of many is the Real Estate industry.

These two industry giants are the nation’s backbone of success. Let me get back to my specialty. Like any company that set’s their vision to serve millions will always have their fair share of negativity. The life insurance industry certainly has. Here are a couple reasons why:
1. Agents in the life insurance business moved away from being ethical towards their clients. Economic greed became the venom spiderman suit to their practice.
2. Agents in the life industry started receiving their investment license which practically eliminated most talk about the proper planning, tax shelters, credit shelters and business succession planning that life insurance covered.
3. Financial guru’s who are not licensed or knowledgeable of the products of life insurance spoke badly about the industry. We still see this relevant today.
What I believe personally and professionally is that this industry is starting to come alive again! It is regaining the trust of the people. Therefore, you should be investing this resource in your personal and professional lives to exhaustion. It will serve you well.

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