Most financial plans are designed or structured with an enormous amount of guesswork. Advisors are guessing about the rate of returns or guessing about the future needs of the clients. Going deeper, clients are even guessing about their future financial needs. How do you really know what you will need financially in the future to live? The 4% math equation does not tell the full story. People are working longer into retirement years and their qualified investment buckets have major losses with severe tax penalties due. For many of us, not only do spiritual, emotional, and physical needs change from year to year, but our financial needs do as well. This would be one of the most important needs that we must stay in step with.

Essentially, for the sake of argument and prolonging this blog, we believe at Diverse Legacies that you need CASH. Period…

We believe you should be highly aware of its presence in your life. It is a primary source for your lifestyle. We also believe that you should anticipate variables in life that will bring a disruption of cash flow to your life and build an ideal financial solution that keeps your cash heavy. The first step to make is protecting your current cash flow starting here.

Next Steps are below…..

The best experts in the field have taught that the ideal financial plan must have several factors inside of it to be extremely successful:

  1. An automated stream of money funding your plan. You have to systematically fund your plan.
  2. A solid rate of return on your investment. Earnings must be solid.
  3. Availability is paramount. You should not lock up your dollars in a way that there is no availability due to future needs.
  4. Minimum taxes. Taxes are the name of the game. Hopefully, you want to pay as little taxes as possible.
  5. Minimum tax distribution. In distribution, life is different, money is different, so taxes need to be low.
  6. Easy distribution. Your wealth should be an easy transfer with minimum problems.
  7. Minimize losses. Financial risk is detrimental. Do not play this game.
  8. Contingency proof. Meaning, it is able to handle all unknown or unanticipated needs such as death, disabilities, etc.
  9. Flexible. Your financial plan is flexible enough to connect with your greatest financial desires.
  10. Consumer control. You keep 100% of control. No one else.

You should be educated well enough to implement a plan that satisfies all of these benefits without sacrificing one. The goal of your financial plan is to maximize your profits in the least expensive way while still enjoying life.

-Get Your Cash Flow Sustainable

Diverse Legacies

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