Cash Flow Replenishment

What is your plan to replenish cash flow in the event of a disruption specifically due to you becoming sick or hurt? It’s your greatest threat?

Building the Foundation

When is the last time you evaluated the efficiency of your cash flow plan? When is the last time you talked about a sustainable positive cash flow plan with your advisor? Let’s just get real, “What is your plan to replenish cash flow in the event of a disruption specifically due to you becoming sick or hurt?”  Honest questions like these allow us to build the cash flow foundation for our prospective clients. Here at Diverse Legacies, we have a firm understanding that everything you are doing in your life is predicated upon cash flow and you funding your accumulation to completion. Our job is to display the relationship between cash flow and success. There is no success without cash flow. We encourage our clients that there is an effective plan to help keep the only common denominator of success positive and sustainable. Diverse Legacies is proud to be affiliate partners with the best Long Term Disability (Income Protection) insures in the market. Bringing in depth to your financial portfolio. We are so proud to be bold about making sure you have a secure portfolio first and foremost. 

Risk Management

Here to preserve your business operating cost, benefits and key people.

Exit Strategy

Here to help you exit well and transition your legacy.
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