Are you preparing to win against your biggest threat? If so, this article will be very rewarding for you. If not, you should know this powerful secret.

The number one common denominator for all success is cash flow.

Our greatest threat is lack of cash flow. If you have a budget in place, you will understand what I mean by cash flow. It is a threat because our entire lifestyle is predicated upon it. It is the number one common denominator of all success. Cash flow is paramount in our life. The greatest threat to our cash flow is the unpredictable illnesses of life that give an inheritance to our bodies. Removing our ability to provide as we once did before.

In order to have cash flow, we have to work hard in our respective careers. We become assets in order to produce the value which yields a paycheck. Knowing that you are the asset that produces earned income for your current lifestyle with your abilities and intelligence: What is your plan to replenish your cash flow in the event of experiencing a disruption specifically due to you becoming sick or hurt?

This is a question that must not be processed in a matter of seconds but over time. We really have to think through this question and evaluate our strategy. Here are some pen and pad starters to brainstorm strategies that will handle the cash flow replenishment needs.


A savings fund can be a way to replenish the cash flow. If a household is built on two salaries bringing a total of $100K – $300K and the savings fund is between $50K – $100K, then you have to review how efficient this plan is. When is the last time you evaluated the efficiency of this plan?


Selling your business can be an outstanding strategy to replenish cash flow. Growing your business in order to do so as an exit strategy is very common. We also have to factor in that over 75% of business owners over-evaluate their business. Also, before selling your business to replenish cash flow, the buyer would look at the “Debt to Equity” ratios. Maybe, there is no debt and you own 100% free and clear. Your only concern consists of the “Fair Market Value” process. There are several other factors that play a major part in this plan. Make sure you review the efficiency of this strategy immediately.


Having a trust fund is a beautiful strategy to replenish cash flow. Sort of an incubator to hold what I call: Real Money. If this is your strategy, your only concern would be to address provisions in the trust fund that will allow early distributions. This is a strategy worth evaluating its efficiency.


A massive amount of our lives are spent in the workforce. Experts believe at least 80% of our daily time is spent with our employers. If this is your plan to replenish cash flow, you would have to address the time spent away to recover from your illness or physical pain. Also, addressing if your employer will compensate you in your absence. There is more to this strategy that you will need to address that this post will not disclose. However, this strategy deserves for you to evaluate its efficiency.

I truly believe that these starters will drive the conversation for your household economy forward. Having a cash flow replenishment strategy in place is a deep conviction that I hold with my dear life. It’s a selfish preparation measure you have to implement and execute when needed. I hope this article is valuable to you. Thank you for reading! As always, please share with your profile connections!

Semper In Doctrina, “Always Learning, Always Growing”

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