There is something about giving back that makes your gain worthy of it’s fruit. And it has everything to do with the heart.

Every person and organization has this capacity. We always say that it is better to give than to receive. The question on the table was: “How can Diverse Legacies help?” as opposed to “What can Diverse Legacies get?” If we could truly answer this question, than we would start to see the power of life insurance take shape around us right before our eyes.

Here at Diverse Legacies, we wrestled with how an insurance firm could give back in a way that lasted beyond a day. Beyond the picture. Beyond the press. Even though we are deepening our roots as a new firm, giving has no experience threshold. What should we put into practice? After seeking council and scratching off the list, we clearly came into a great opportunity with one of our partners. This program will allow us to give back in a big way!

This program is called the “LifeBridge Program” which was developed by Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company. Mass Mutual heart to the “LifeBridge Program” is stated as:

We support the communities we serve and work in through charitable contributions and leadership. One of the ways we do this is through LifeBridge, a unique free life insurance program that helps children of income-eligible families pay for their education expenses if their insured parent or guardian passes away during the term of the policy. It’s designed to help parents protect their dream of providing an education for their children — even if they can’t be there to provide for them. We’re proud of the positive impact LifeBridge has on the lives of participating families.

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As a result of partnering with the program, Diverse Legacies can help give away $50,000 dollars of life insurance to children who’s parent qualify. Qualifications are as such:

You are eligible to apply for the LifeBridge Free Life Insurance Program if you are:

Between the ages of 19 and 42;
The parent or legal guardian of one or more dependent children under 18;
A permanent, legal resident of the United States;
Currently employed full or part time with a total family income not less than $10,000 or more than $40,000 annually;
The only parent or legal guardian in your household who has applied; and
In good health as determined by MassMutual’s underwriting guidelines.

You are not eligible if you:

Have been diagnosed with heart disease, cancer, HIV or type 1 diabetes;
Currently abuse drugs or alcohol or have abused them within the last 10 years; or
Are currently on probation.
Additional underwriting will apply.

If deemed a qualified candidate, the program will act as such:

MassMutual’s LifeBridgeSM program provides free, $50,000 ten-year term life insurance policies to eligible parents and legal guardians. MassMutual pays the premiums. In the event that the insured parent passes away during the 10-year period of the policy, a $50,000 death benefit is paid to a trust1. That trust holds the funds to pay for the child’s (or children’s) educational expenses and pays the benefits directly to the school (or schools) attended.

Money can be used for tuition, fees, books, campus room and board, and other educational expenses. Preschools, private schools, trade schools or colleges and universities all qualify. Children have up to 10 years following their parent’s death (or until they turn 35, whichever is later) to use the benefit. The only program of its kind, LifeBridge has issued more than 13,600 policies since 2002, representing a total of over $680 million in coverage — with an ultimate goal of $1 billion.

Diverse Legacies truly believed that it’s up to us to take that very first step. It’s up to us to offer a helping hand to those struggling to leave an inheritance for their children education. As a firm, we stand on each other’s shoulders to elevate us to our ultimate accomplishments. This is a testament to a new tomorrow. This is the legacy we can be proud to leave our children. This is how we decided to give back!!

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