Four years ago, there seemed to be no hope for a good promising career path. Stressed to maximum capacity and working in an industry totally opposite to his talents, Brentley was sent to an industry that gave him a new meaning of life. That industry is the financial services industry. This career move became a game changer. Growing up in a single parent home with three siblings was very tough for his family. Witnessing his mother work extremely hard to keep the family sustained, Brentley felt the pressures and stresses of his mother. It’s one of the inheritances of being the firstborn. In Brentley’s words: “You feel everything in a single parent home being the oldest.”

Now, with a family of his own, Brentley is determined to give back through ministry and business endeavors. Brentley is now the CEO and Founder of Diverse Legacies, a premier firm for your cash flow replenishment. A firm dedicated to sustaining the number one common denominator of all success for you. Quite simply, positive sustainable cash flow. Brentley’s vision for this firm is about being the rebirth of a long lost and forgotten service needed in order to foster financial prudence. Building a culture of “Financial Sustainability” has given our firm the opportunity to be linear, exponential, focused, and able to penetrate markets with our uniqueness.

Over the last four years, Brentley has become the Advisory Council Member for North Carolina Financial Literacy Council, Economic Advisor for Accelerating Men Mentoring, Inc and broker consultant in the financial services industry. Focusing his efforts now as a specialist in the financial arena of ” Asset Protection” specifically insurance products, he is determined to grow the firm. Our motto: “To Preserve Your Life’s Work.” In our proven system, you will not liquidate any personal or business assets due to a disruption of cash flow. That is our promise to you. Brentley is very excited about the future and ready to partner with you, your family, and your business.

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