About Us

“Diverse Legacies is an independent financial solutions firm and your go-to source for Cash Flow Replenishment, Risk Management, and Exit Strategy.“

Why Us?

Diverse Legacies was created for just for you. We honestly believe that your legacy matters. Your personal life, career, and business life are all interrelated. Essentially, engineering an incredible life to pass down as a legacy. No legacy is the same. That is why we are all diverse in our pursuits of happiness. In addition to that, it is true that we believe the only way to build a legacy is with one common denominator. Positive Sustainable Cash Flow!

We strategically help our clients index and hedge against risk to sustain positive cash flow for their future earnings by transferring their financial risk to the financial institutions. We obsessively partner with our clients to discover, evaluate and plan for their legacies. 

Cash Replenishment

Here to help you protect your greatest asset.

Risk Management

Here to preserve your business operating cost, benefits and key people.

Exit Strategy

Here to help you exit well and transition your legacy.

20/20/30 Influencers Initiative

We are dedicated to preserve the lives of 20,000 individuals by the year 2030.

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