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“Your Premier Firm for Cash Flow Replenishment“

Why Diverse Legacies?

What is your solution to replenish positive cash flow in the event of a disruption specifically due to you becoming sick or hurt?  It’s your greatest threat. For many CEO’s and professionals, their business is creating a super healthy cash flow which is yielding a wonderful lifestyle both personally and professionally.  Becoming sick or hurt will disrupt your cash flow without the proper safeguards to your financial portfolio. In case you didn’t know, cash flow is the number one common denominator for all success. It affords our families their dreams. In order to properly build solid protections against this threat, you would need a dedicated firm specializing in personalized replenishment solutions for you and your business. Our firm is determined to structure innovative and groundbreaking solutions that hedge and index against the disruption of cash flow. Providing our markets with financial stability and business sustainability.  


As we continue to grow as a firm, our mission remains simple: to preserve your life’s work by sustaining the number one common denominator of all success for you, cash flow. 


“You will never liquidate any personal or business assets due to a disruption of cash flow.”   

Cash Flow Replenishment

Our cash flow focused model is customized to preserve your life's work and prevent asset liquidation.

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